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8 Weight Loss Motivation Tips | Weight Loss Tweets

8 Weight Loss Motivation Tips

If you are currently attempting a weight loss program, you know it can be difficult to maintain motivation. Use these weight loss motivation tips to help you succeed. You’ll be basking on the beach in a bikini in no time!

1. Create a Goals List ” Without setting goals, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Be specific. “I want to lose some weight” is not a good goal. “I want to lose 30 pounds by December 12” is.
2. Find a Friend ” A friend who shares your goals can be a great motivator. Find a friend, and share your struggles and triumphs with him or her. It’s best if they are trying to lose weight too ” then you can share diet tips and exercise together.
3. Read Inspiring Stories ” Check out books or websites on weight loss. Take the time to read the success stories and testimonials. It is truly motivating to see other people meeting their goals.
4. Post Inspiring Quotes ” Find a few quotes that motivate you. Place them where you’ll see them and they can help you daily.
5. Exercise First ” Make exercise a priority. Take the time to exercise first thing in the morning ” before life gets in the way. Take time to care for yourself- your body will thank you.
6. Plan Your Meals ” Failure to plan is planning to fail. If you already have a nice healthy meal planned, that fast food dinner become less tempting. Plan your meals for diet success.
7. Make It Fun ” Instead of spending hours and hours on the treadmill, take the time to find a cardio exercise you enjoy. Maybe swimming laps or taking a dance class is more your speed. Take the time to make it fun, and you’ll be more likely to actually exercise.
8. Exercise to De-stress ” Make exercise your time with yourself. Make it a priority to squeeze it in every day, and use this time alone for stress relief. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or out of sorts, you may want to consider adding a yoga class or meditation to your daily routine.

Use these motivational tips to aid you as you strive for your weight loss goals. Incorporating them into your routine will help weight loss feel less like a dreaded chore, and more like an act of self care. Take time to invest in your good health today ” you’ll reap the benefits for a lifetime.

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