Are You Suffering From Ketosis – Dont Blame Low Carbs

If you have ketosis, low carb diets are not to blame. The high protein plan you are following is the culprit. Ketosis is where your system is producing too many ketone bodies putting pressure on your internal organs most notably your kidneys. It happens when your body does not get sufficient carbohydrates in order to replenish the stores of glucose you need for every day living. This usually occurs when people are advised to eat low levels of carbs and high levels of protein which is not healthy, unless your doctor has suggested you follow this diet plan for a specific reason.

Your body needs protein and carbohydrates in order to function properly as well as a variety of other vitamins and minerals. The main food for humans is carbohydrates. It isn’t carbs themselves that make you fat but the type of carbs you chose to eat, when and in what quantities.

You will lose weight following a high protein low carb diet but you are risking your health. I know you probably feel as if you are in a catch 22. If you don’t lose the pounds, your health is at risk anyway. But you will achieve more significant weight loss if you ditch the faddy diets and instead take a holistic look at your lifestyle. The only safe and sensible way to lose pounds is to follow a healthy eating plan, reducing your consumption of quick energy releasing foods and increasing your level of physical activity.

Eating complex carbohydrates, high quality but low quantity of protein, good fats and fruit and vegetables are the key components of a healthy eating plan. Your aim is to create an energy deficit i.e. you want to consume fewer calories than you use exercising. But you need to consume sufficient calories every day to prevent your body going into starvation mode where it stores fat and converts lean muscle for energy.

There are no quick fixes to long term weight loss and the sooner you realize that the less likely you are to suffer from ketosis. Low carb diets do work but only when you follow a specific plan and you get sufficient exercise as well. You should combine aerobic with weight training in order to get those pounds off faster and tone up quicker. One day do a cardio workout and the next go lift some weights.

Don’t get upset or disheartened. You can reduce your calorie intake quite easily once you realize where they hide. For example, if you regularly buy processed foods and ready meals, by switching to a home cooked menu you will decrease your calorie consumption. This is because manufacturers add sugars and bad fats to these foods in order to make them taste better. You do not have to go hungry and you do not have to count calories or measure points for the rest of your life. By re-educating your palate, having four or five small healthy meals every day and getting more exercise you will probably be surprised how fast those pounds fall off. Think about this, if you can manage to have 50% of every meal made up of vegetables with the remaining split equally between protein and complex carbohydrates you are well on your way to losing weight and avoiding Ketosis. Low carb diets do work. Try it and see for yourself.

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