Soy Protein vs. Whey Protein

A couple of years ago, some health enthusiasts have ensued a lengthy debate on the benefits of soy protein vs. whey protein. The bone of contention is mainly focused on what is the best protein supplement between the two sources that could provide faster results in building and promoting muscle gain. Hence, many body builders who are directly concerned have taken sides on the much sensationalized soy protein vs. whey protein dispute.

Between the two protein sources, whey protein has certainly gained so much popularity among health buffs because of its highly effective anabolic effect in the growth of muscles in the human body. Whey protein is highly regarded to have the perfect combination of amino acid for muscle building and enhancing the body’s immune system. It is said to be a great post workout drink to ensure maximum absorption of protein by the muscles. This made whey protein far more superior than its alternative soy protein.

In the body building circles soy protein is often derided because it contains phytoestrogens that causes unwanted decline in the testosterone and the increase in the female hormone, estrogen. This is thought to upset the balance of hormones and could possibly trigger thyroid problems. There are also some nutritional experts who also suspected that soy should primarily be blamed for infertility, digestive disturbances, hypothyroidism and many other ailments. This bad publicity temporarily silenced the soy protein vs. whey protein debate.

However, contrary to the popular belief, recent studies have shown that soy protein does not in any way decrease testosterone or increase the estrogen in the body. This sparked anew the interest in the soy protein vs. whey protein dispute. Today, health professionals have reached a common consensus that all protein sources have basically the same favorable results in growing lean body mass. We can all safely assume that both soy and whey proteins are effective; there’s only a slight difference between the two as to their efficacy.

However, whey proteins are apparently more popular despite efforts to dispel the negative rumors about soy proteins. There are some athletes that combine soy and whey in their daily nutritional regimen. This is because the powerful combination of both protein sources is believed to have more effective results. Both proteins have their own health benefits and by alternately consuming both types of protein one can definitely benefit the best of both worlds, so to speak.

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