Never do this at home – rapid detox center

You are not getting any younger and you only live once. It’s a viable time to enjoy life … as soon as you get off of addiction.

No detoxification can cleanse the body from years of drug and alcohol abuse. However, detox is a first step required in the process of rehabilitation. The chief purpose of detox is to alleviate withdrawal symptoms suffered by any drug or alcohol dependent after an abrupt cessation to drug or alcohol intake. It is not to be taken as a cure for addiction.

A rapid detox needs to be conducted under the supervision of medical professionals who are experts in detoxification. A rapid detox should not be attempted at home since withdrawal symptoms can arise such as headaches, anxiety, hallucinations, nausea, high blood pressure, violent seizures, and may cause death.

Rapid detox center has facilities and medications that relieve drug and alcohol dependents from succumbing to withdrawal symptoms. Rapid detox centers have personalized treatments dependent on the type and duration of substance abuse. Typically, rapid detox centers treat types of substance abuse based on heroin, vicodin, methadone, oxycontin, opium, percochet, percodan, codeine and other prescribed narcotic painkillers.

A rapid detox should not take the place of a comprehensive rehabilitative treatment and program. In rapid detox centers, a patient is held under general anesthesia where he/she is administered with medications purportedly to hasten the body’s reactions to a rapid withdrawal process that could last 4 to 6 hours. This procedure is usually supervised by anesthesiologists and nurses trained for this matter.

For many, rapid detox offers the only means to withstand painful withdrawal symptoms. This is because the patient is maintained in an unconscious state for several hours while he/she is in a withdrawal period.

Addiction No More is a rapid detox center with centers in many parts of the United States. Their toll free number is 1-866-391-6530. They provide recovery programs, treatments and counseling for addictive substance dependents.

The Midwest Rapid Opiate Detoxification Specialists (MRODS) is another rapid detox center that guarantees safe and proven detoxification procedure and a continuing care program. MRODS employ Naltrexone and Naloxone to eliminate active opiates while a patient is under general anesthesia. Naltrexone has few side effects but duly approved by the FDA. These powerful drugs reduce the withdrawal period to five or six hours. Following the rapid detox, MRODS believe that a patient needs monitoring and after-care. You can call MRODS at (888) 707-HOPE (4673).

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