Whey Protein and Cancer

In the recent years, more and more people have fallen helpless victims of cancer, one of the most dreaded diseases ever known to man. A few years back, a person diagnosed with cancer would often undergo deep depression and utter helplessness since the mortality rate are on the rise and there have only been a few known survivors who were afflicted with the big C. However, technological breakthrough and alternative medicine have provided a light in the seemingly dark and endless tunnel of agony and distress for cancer patients and their family and close friends. It a continuing battle against cancer, and man is slowly finding ways to keep the cancer cells at bay with continuous studies and researches. Now, although cancer is still largely viewed as one of the gravest medical ailments, people have more reason to hope in their chances of totally wrestling cancer out of their systems.

Latest studied have shown that there is a certain connection between whey protein and cancer. Although whey protein has been popularly known as a perfect supplement for building muscle mass, there are more health benefits than what was predominantly thought. There have been a number of laboratory tests conducted on animals exposed to cancer causing chemicals and the effects of introducing whey protein concentrate in their diet. A powerful carcinogen called dimethylhydrazine is injected in several lab rats and later fed with whey protein, and so far it has shown promising results. Scientists have found out that the rats that were given whey protein concentrate showed lesser number of tumors than those that were just injected with dimethylhydrazin. It furthered sowed that whey protein have offered significant protection, I n comparison to other protein sources like soy. Other in vivo research made on whey protein and cancer has also shown that whey protein concentrate have considerably aided in inhibiting the growth and development of breast cancer cells even in low concentrations.

Through the numerous studies conducted on whey protein and cancer, scientists were actually led to an amazing discovery on the correlation between glutathione, whey protein and cancer cells. It was established that by increasing the intake of whey protein, it significantly depletes the number of cancer cells, which in turn makes them more predisposed to several forms of cancer treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy. The percentage of glutathione status between cancer cells and those of the normal cells in highly important factor with regards to the resistance of cancer cells during a chemotherapy. This further confirms the fact that there is indeed a close association between whey protein and cancer and a very close possibility of finally discovering an effective medication to ward of all the cancer cells in the human body.

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