Green Tea and Weight Loss

When browsing supplements you will often find green tea and green tea extracts bunched together with other weight loss supplements regardless of where you shop. Many people ask if green tea is effective when attempting to lose weight and get rid of the embarrassing number that shows up on the weighing scale. Before you sip on green tea you should look at the reasons and benefits as to why green tea and weight loss go hand in hand.

People have talked a lot about the benefits of green tea for people who want to lose weight. Some medical research has showed advantages of the tea and its compounds. However, just like other weight loss products, it has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the individuals health. The advantages outnumber the disadvantages. Let’s take a look at first the advantages then the disadvantages so you can decide for yourself if green tea is beneficial to you for weight loss.

Benefits of Green on Metabolism

Green tea is rich in antioxidants. Catechin polyphenols are some of the benefits in green tea. This antioxidant helps stimulate your metabolism so your body can generate energy to help you lose weight. Experiments and research has shown that green tea increases your metabolism. Over a 24 hour period, your metabolic rate can increase as much as 4%. Green tea speeds up your metabolism and helps to prevent weight gain.

Green Tea reduces Appetite

If your stomach seems like a bottomless pit and it seems like you are forever eating and can never get full, then green tea will help control those hunger cravings and help you to lose weight. Green Tea helps suppress appetites and makes you feel full so you don’t eat anymore. Studies and research has revealed the green tea’s poly phenols help to keep an increasing appetite at bay.

Green Tea on Fat Absorption

Green tea contains more compounds that can help you to lose weight. The compounds,catechins,caffeine,theanine help regulate where your healthy fat goes in your body. After a meal, having a mug of green tea can help to slow the rise of your blood sugar and helps keep the fat at bay.

Calories in Green Tea

If you count all the calories in your morning brew you shouldn’t be surprised to find that your coffee, coffee cream, sugar and whatever else you add all contributes to your calories and adds to your fat. If you like your caffeine and don’t want to completely give it up but you don’t like all those calories and the fat, green tea weight loss is ideal for you.

Health Hazards of Green Tea

The hazard of green tea is no other than the caffeine. Caffeine is harmful in large doses especially for people who have issues that effect the heart and high blood pressure especially. However you don’t have to overlook green tea if you have health problems. Green tea is also available in decaffeinated form, and is available in the market as well.

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