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10 Tips for Keeping Weight Off | Weight Loss Tweets

10 Tips for Keeping Weight Off

Once you’ve experienced significant weight loss, you never want to be heavy again. But it can be difficult to maintain weight loss without the proper lifestyle changes and attitudes.

Follow these tips to keep the weight off ” for good!

1. Wear the correct size ” Oversized or baggy clothes can make it easy to put a few pounds back on and not even notice. Choose fitted or form fitting clothes in your proper size to avoid this issue.
2. Continue to Monitor What You Eat ” Don’t let being thinner be an excuse to overeat or indulge all the time. Allow yourself a treat here or there, but continue to monitor your food intake closely.
3. Continue to Exercise ” It will help you to keep the weight off, and is great for your health. Exercise is a great heart disease preventative, as well.
4. Avoid “Trigger” Foods ” Trigger foods are those foods that you just can’t stop eating once you start. Avoid these foods to avoid a binge
5. Pick a Maximum Weight ” And stick to it! If you go above the weight that you’ve set as your maximum weight, it’s time to hit the gym and downsize the portions.
6. Keep Before and After Photos ” These provide a visual reminder of how far you’ve come. Display them proudly.
7. Focus on Feeling Healthy ” If you focus on enjoying how well you feel now that you’ve lost weight, it will be easier to make healthy choices on a daily basis.
8. Avoid Food Rewards ” When you need to relax or reward yourself for a job well done, avoid doing so with food. Choose a non-food reward such as a bubble bath or new CD instead.
9. Eat at Home ” Eating out is an easy way to add extra calories to your diet. By cooking at home, you can control ingredients and portion sizes.
10. Choose Healthy Snacks ” Continue to add healthy snacks to your daily routine. These keep you from getting too hungry and overeating.

There you have it ” ten tips for getting the weight off, and keeping it off once you get there. Use these ideas and tips to maintain your goal weight. By taking small steps to maintain weight, you avoid ever having to go on a diet again. Make healthy choices for a lifetime ” your body will thank you.

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