Diets that Work: The Sonoma Diet

The beauty of the Sonoma Diet lies in its simplicity. There is no counting calories here or the necessity to weigh the food you eat. What is needed is a standard plate to help you decide on the portion size. The Sonoma Diet is based on a foreign inspiration and has its roots in the Mediterranean cuisine. This new diet has received raving reviews from its followers and the green light from most doctors and experts in weight loss. The Sonoma Diet is one of the diets that work wonders by using food and wine to achieve the weight loss effect. Results can be seen in ten days.
Fans of the Sonoma Diet can enjoy the fact that this is not a diet that works on the principle of deprivation. Rather you can expect to lose weight while enjoying the bounties and the spectrum of flavors that color the menu we see today in the American diet.
The Sonoma Diet has three important stages which looks similar to the South Beach Diet and the Dr Atkins Diet but with a unique twist. The diet starts with three distinct phases – the removal of sugar and processed foods, the inculcation of health enriching foods and the pleasures of delicacies and finally the weight maintenance stage.
During the first stage, dieters would have to accommodate the strict regimen which is necessary to create the weight loss effect. The second stage is the fun part as you get to enjoy generous spread of permissible food you can enjoy which would still let you lose weight. The Sonoma Diet uses plenty of meals with lean meat that is sprinkled with delicious low carb topping and wholesome grains. In order to ensure the right portion size, the Sonoma Diet makes use of the plates with different sizes to help you. Basically you need to use a 7inch plate for your breakfast and the 9inch plate for your lunchtime and dinner.
The Sonoma Diet makes use of almond, olive oil and delicious fruits such as the blueberries, strawberries, grapes and more. Not only is this really colorful, it provides a variety of choices so you can pick the ones you like and include that into the menu.
Sonoma dieters begin the usual day with whole grain cereal and milk. The plate of scrumptious rice salad with chicken and carrots would serve as a delicious lunch that the dieters can enjoy without worrying about putting on weight. To help overcome cravings, wheat pita, cucumber slices and plain yogurt can be used at any time of the day. Finally don’t forget the magic of the red wine and the rich amount of resveratrol which can help enhance the health of your cardiovascular system help you lose weight and boost metabolism at the same time.

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