Detox Diets: Things to Watch Out For!

Detox diets! Although not scientifically proven, many people are claiming that detox diets can work wonders for weight loss and good health. They say that by considering the diets, you can help your system purify itself and get rid of all the bad toxins that tend to accumulate in the body, causing certain illnesses.

Detox diets seem to be encouraging. One support for this is that almost everybody knows that toxins are bad for everyone. And, since we obtain these bad stuffs everyday from the air we breathe, the foods we eat, and the water we drink, they should be eliminated as regular as possible. Aside from that, the detox diets promote the intake of natural foods, fruits and vegetables, as well as water which are all good for us. Plus, you may have heard about victims of drug and alcohol addiction going into detox to recover and live a normal life. With all these good news, shouldn’t the detox diets be a great option for dieters to consider?

Well, although positive claims have been thrown around about detox diets, they are still not really a great bet. Detox diets, just like the rest of the diet fads, have their own negative sides. In fact, they are not for everyone and they are harmful especially for teenagers. For what reason? Consider the following:

Detox Can Be Addicting

In detox diets, the dieters are recommended to go on fasting for about three days or so. In this fasting period, the person is not allowed to eat any food, except water, and this is believed to wash away all the bad toxins in the system. Although that said, fact is, detox diets can be addicting. The reason for this is that once you undergo on the diet, you may feel like you don’t need food for you to survive. You’ve been used to it, and once the diet tells you to get back to eating normal foods, your system may react in a different, violent manner. This can lead to certain medical conditions, and if the reaction is not treated carefully, it can lead you to death.

Detox is All about Laxatives

It is typical for a person considering a detox diet to be given certain supplements for better results. Usually, the supplements recommended for detox diets are laxatives, designed for the dieters to release foods in the form of stools more often. The bad news is that laxatives are not best for health. They are the main cause for dehydration, digestive problems, and mineral imbalances. A person undergoing the process may experience such unfavorable reactions.

Detox Fasting is Not Really for Weight Loss

Fasting is an integral part of detox diets. This, of course, may help you lose pounds. However, when fasting you are losing pounds because the water content in your body are taken away. Your muscles can also be lost if fasting is continued. And, take note that you are not losing fats, but mostly water and muscles. Now isn’t it a bad idea? Is that what you call “healthy”?

Having said all that, detox diets should be considered as careful as possible. If the name appeals to you, think twice. Perhaps the best you can do is to consult a doctor to help you decide whether the diet is good or bad for you.

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