Discussing Sexual Health Issues with Your Doctor

Many men are plagued by issues related to sexual health and in some cases these men are left feeling as if their ego has suffered a major blow. One reason for this is that if a man feels he cannot perform sexually he then feels as if his worth as a man has been seriously diminished. For some men this problem is ongoing and for others it comes and goes in spurts. Some things that may have an effect on this include stress and psychological issues as well as a vast number of many other things.
Sexual health is an important issue to numerous people however impotence and erectile dysfunction are problems that are faced by many men around the world. Although this is a common problem in men as they progress in age it does not happen just to older men; younger men can experience these issues as well. While there are many ways in which a man may deal with these problems prescription medications may not always be the solution. Some examples of this may include men who have existing health problems such has high blood pressure and heart conditions.
The first step in determining if you are healthy enough for sexual activity is to discuss this issue at length with your health care provider. If it is determined that you are healthy enough for sexual relationships the next step is to discuss any current medical problems you may have as well as any medications you may be taking to control these medical problems. The reason for this is that some medications that are routinely used for the treatment of certain conditions may not interact well with medications that are prescribed for impotence and erectile dysfunction issues in men. In some cases it may still be possible to use these medications with adjusted dosage amounts.
After these issues have been discussed your doctor may decide that you are a good candidate for prescription medication to treat sexual health issues in men. If this is the case there are several possible medication options that are available for the treatment of these sexual conditions.
Sometimes regardless of a man’s good health prescription medications may not be an option for reasons totally unrelated to health such as his desire to choose a more natural method or possibly even due to religious or moral beliefs. In these cases there are often other alternatives that can be considered such as natural supplements however you should always discuss these with your health care provider to be sure that they are safe to use. Not all ‘natural’ supplements are what they claim to be and in some cases they may not even be safe to take. This is why good doctor and patient communication is so important especially when dealing with issues as delicate as sexual health.

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