The Skinny: How Much Weight Will Be Lost on the Atkins diet

How much weight will be lost on the Atkins diet is varied as no conclusive evidence has been collected over the course of a person’s life while using the diet. In one study of 120 obese adults, the average weight loss in twelve-month period was reported to be approximately 26lbs. This was compared to another diet that is known to work and there the average weight loss was approximately 13lbs. For many individuals, this is proof of the Atkins diet working.

However, there was no study done on the weight loss to determine how much of the loss was fat content, or if lean muscle and water weight also contributed to that overall weight loss. Not many diets remove a person’s water weight, and this may have contributed something to it while the study was going on. If so, this would mean the amount of weight the individuals who use the Atkins diet have been losing is not necessarily a healthy weight loss and bears further study.

If the weight loss is not a healthy weight loss, the implications especially in the long-term could pose serious health consequences that have yet to be foreseen. Further study needs to be done soon on what the weight loss from this could be like. This includes whether the diet actually works in a fashion that will be of benefit without the harmful side affects. It is also important to review the findings of individuals who are involved in the studies to see what they think and feel because of participating in the diet.

How much weight will be lost on the Atkins diet depends on how strictly the diet is adhered to and if the person is exercising and taking supplements as the instructions explain. Many individuals believe they do not have to take supplements or exercise, and that they believe they can eat as many fatty foods and meats as they want. However, this is not the case and this fallacy of thinking should be guarded against. There are multiple stages of the Atkins diet and too often people think the first is the only one.

Dieters are strongly encouraged to visit their personal doctor before beginning the Atkins diet. Often personal physicians will have opinions about diets and can offer their input based on their physical experiences with the diet and with your health. Do not disregard what he or she says, as that is more than likely is good advice that is based on knowledgeable about the subject and past experiences. If you are unsure of what the best option is, be sure to ask him or her for advice.

How much weight will be lost on the Atkins diet will always depend on a variety of factors. If you decide to try it, be cautious and trust your body to tell you when something is wrong. It is your best determining factor and awareness of your body.

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