Diets that Work: The South Beach Diet

The glamorous South Beach Diet offers more than just a fad diet or hype that dissipates with time. This is one of the diets that work to deliver the weight loss yearned by many overweight individuals from all over the world. The diet comprised of three distinct phases that begins with the first phase or the low carb period where plenty of fresh vegetables and pure, lean meat is included into the menu. After the initial two weeks of the introduction period is over, dieters enter the second stage of the program where complex carbohydrate and other delicacies which can be include chocolates! However eating the permissible food in the right portion is the key to success here.
The key is to include foods that are nutrient dense and in the right portion sizes. This is the period where you get to include eggs, beef, meat, poultry, pork, shrimp and other delicious items you can enjoy prepared in a variety of styles. You can include bread, cereals and even potatoes. This makes the South Beach diet different from the Dr Atkins diet as you can get to enjoy carbohydrate foods in fair amounts during the duration of the program.
The popular diet begins when the book written by the famous diet doctor, Arthur Agatston, MD, released his own version of the low carb diet which includes the use of healthy carbohydrates after the initial two weeks of the induction stage. He makes use of the low GI foods which makes it similar to the GI diet practiced by those fascinated with the secrets of the East and the intriguing concept of yin and yang. The South Beach diet places great emphasis on the perfect balance between the carbohydrate and fat intake.

The fat used in the South Beach diet are the good ones, which Dr Agatston claims are able to stimulate the metabolism process which would help anyone lose weight effortlessly.

Those entering the first phase of the diet would find their cravings dissipate slowly and replaced with a new and healthier way of eating. After all, the rule that separates the good diets that worked and ones that doesn’t, lies in the ability to sustain long-term weight loss. Dr Agatston claims that the intense cravings that used to hit the lovers of sweet and fattening foods would tend to dissipate after one has gone through the initial two weeks of the South Beach Diet. Once the body has adjusted to the new dietary habit it is time to move onto the second stage where gradual introduction of carbohydrates and fattening food is included into the diet. Once the ideal weight has been achieved then it is time to move on to the third and final stage of the South Beach Diet. This is the stage where much focus is placed on the maintenance of the weight.


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