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Diets & Weight Loss: Fitting weight loss into your working week | Weight Loss Tweets

Diets & Weight Loss: Fitting weight loss into your working week

Raise your hand if you don’t have to work. Go ahead. Raise it high in the air.
No one?
Then you and I are a lot alike. Though I wish that I didn’t have to work a regular job, I do and it can be difficult to lose weight when you have to work. On top of working, if you’re like me, you have a wife and children that constantly need your attention, there are bills to pay, chores to be done, and the to-do list never seems to end.
But that’s ok. Even though you’re so busy, you can still fit in ways to lose weight during just about all of your daily activities. I say “just about all” because I still haven’t figured out a way to lose weight while I’m using the restroom. If you have, please let me know!
I do have some weight loss ideas for all of you busy people out there, though, so don’t fret. These are things that you can start doing tomorrow when you wake up, are easy to do, and, most importantly, effective in helping you lose weight.
Walk More
Do you have a parking garage at your job? How about a large parking lot? If you have either, then stop looking for parking spaces close to the entrance and look for spaces that are farther away. Walking the distance is an easy way to fit weight loss at the beginning and the end of your work day. If you decide to go out for lunch, that’s bonus weight loss exercise!
Hang Around the Water Cooler More
Water is a natural purifier and it’s a natural way to decrease your need for munchies. Not only will adding more water to your daily routine help to clean out your system and allow your metabolism to work better, but it will also help you to feel full and avoid snacking on unhealthy food during the course of the day.
More Supplements, Less Salt
If you’re not taking any type of daily vitamins or minerals, then you should start taking them now. Whenever you feel the need to constantly munch on something, that’s usually your body’s way of telling you that it wants or needs a particular vitamin or mineral and it’s directing you toward that with the hunger sensation. Adding supplements to your diet will reduce that urge greatly and be much healthier for you!
Also, stop adding salt to everything that you eat! Salt contains sodium and sodium makes you gain a lot of water weight if you use too much of it. Cutting back on using a lot of salt is a quick and easy way to help your weight loss efforts.
So there you have it! I’m sure that you’ve already heard of some of these ideas, but never put them into practice. Now that you’ve been reminded of them, put them to use and continue to lose weight the easy way!

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