Does Hypnosis For Weight Loss Work

Some people find that hypnosis for weight loss is the way to rid themselves of their excess pounds. Hypnosis works by changing how you view your favourite foods. People who believe in this method find that they can no longer think about eating chips, biscuits, cakes etc without feeling ill.

But hypnosis doesn’t work for everyone and some believe it doesn’t work for anyone. Some people are not susceptible to hypnosis. Nobody is quite sure why and sometimes it does depend on the skill level of the person doing the hypnotizing. On that note, you should always be careful who you let manipulate your thought process. You do not want to end up looking or feeling embarrassed due to some silly prank.

The jury is still out on whether hypnosis for weight loss works and you could spend a fortune and still end up with a weight problem. People want to believe in fast no work solutions but the problem is that without real effort you are unlikely to maintain any loss.

There are proven ways to lose weight. You only need to make small changes to your diet in order to see some progress. We all eat too much food so try reducing your portion sizes. Eat your food slowly and listen to your body’s signals. When you feel full stop eating regardless of whether there is food on your plate.

Start every meal with a glass of water. We need to drink more water to keep our skin hydrated. But we also can mistake feeling thirsty for hunger so by drinking first we are likely to eat less. Swap some of your main meals for salads and soups. Homemade soup is a great asset to any weight loss program. Full of nutrients yet low in calories and if you don’t use salt or salted stock cubes, it is extremely healthy.

For dinner every evening skip the carbs and instead eat lean protein and vegetables. Steam or bake your food. We don’t need the extra calories caused by frying food.

Becoming more active will also help lose those pounds. You don’t need to join a gym. You can try cycling, swimming, aerobics and some forms of Yoga. Whatever you fancy as you are more likely to keep it up. Try different activities to prevent boredom setting in.

If you can arrange to lose pounds with some friends you will probably be more successful. It is easier to do something when you don’t feel alone. Your friends will support you and if you fall off the diet wagon, they will encourage you to get back on. When people you know are also dieting, you can swop recipes and ideas as well as taking part in exercise together. And all of you will benefit from better health. Every pound you lose has an impact on your health and perhaps even your lifespan.

So forget about hypnosis for weight loss and concentrate on tried and tested techniques instead.

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